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The New Organon

Francis Bacon


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. To which government office was Francis Bacon appointed in 1618?

2. To whom is the The New Organon dedicated?

3. What is Bacon's overall project known as?

4. What is the "art" that Bacon seeks to apply in his work?

5. Which device of logic does Bacon reject?

6. What name does Bacon give to the obstacles that hinder the advance of reason?

7. With what logical method is Bacon associated?

8. The New Organon is summarized in what form?

9. What does Bacon call the true statements that are eventually produced by considering natural phenomena?

10. Which kinds of idols relate to language and human interaction?

11. Which ancient philosopher does Bacon particularly attack?

12. When can the authority of ancient authors be useful to the investigator, according to Bacon?

13. From whom, according to Bacon, do most of our sciences come?

14. Which writer and theorist of magnetism does Bacon criticize in the Novum Organon?

15. What has been the enemy of natural philosophy in every age?

16. What does Bacon argue must be constructed before the work of induction can commence?

17. How many privileged instances does Bacon list?

18. What is the subject of the second book of The New Organon

19. What are crucial instances (instantiae crucis) also known as?

20. What is the first stage of the investigation of forms?

21. What does Bacon place in an appendix to the two books of the The New Organon?

22. What is the process of preliminary interpretation also known as?

23. What is the first task of induction?

24. Who does Bacon hope will fund the creation of a complete natural history?

25. What is the task and purpose of human science, according to Bacon?

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Question and comment

by anon_2223129944, November 27, 2014

"Bacon's scathing attack on current philosophy and on the scientific method."
As I recall, Bacon attacked the philosophical thinking and scholasticism of his day, but his work DESCRIBED what has become known as the scientific method, which had not been formalized previously. Also, while he emphasized beginning with inductive reasoning, he warned AGAINST leaving off at gathering data and generalizing from it. Not only was (as noted) experimentation important, but so was DEDUCTIVE reasoning, in its proper place. Bacon also suggested t... Read more


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