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Principles of Philosophy

Rene Descartes


Full-Book Quiz

1. Which of the following does Descartes think should not be involved in the search for certain knowledge?

2. Which statement most accurately characterizes Descartes' attitude toward the senses?

3. How many substances does Descartes believe there are?

4. Which of the following is a substance strictly speaking?

5. What does the term "Cartesian Circle" refer to?

6. Which of the following most accurately describes Descartes' theory of planetary motion?

7. Which of the following is not one of Descartes' laws of motion?

8. Which of the following arguments does Descartes use in order to undermine the senses?

9. Which of the following does Descartes not use as a proof for the existence of God?

10. What does Descartes claim is the essence of body?

11. With which of the following are the senses most intimately connected?

12. Which of the following statements does not accurately describe a belief that Descartes held about God?

13. Which of the following is a mode of extension?

14. Which of the following is a mode of thought?

15. How many elements does Descartes posit?

16. Does an idea have objective existence or formal existence?

17. Which of the following does Descartes not think is a mode of extension?

18. Which of the following does Descartes believe we can know most intimately?

19. How are bodies individuated according to Descartes?

20. What is the difference between bodies and space according to Descartes?

21. According to Descartes, what is the level of objective reality of the idea of a square?

22. With which of the elements does Descartes associate light?

23. Which of the following phenomena does Descartes not try to explain in Part IV?

24. Which statement best describes the relationship between mind and body on the Cartesian picture?

25. How many principal attributes can a substance have?

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western mind body dualism

by henkt, January 12, 2015

For a (still controversial) view on the history of western mind body dualism see:

Perfection - Not God

by duaneaj, November 17, 2015

In my reading of Descarte, he didn't say we all have an innate idea of God. What he did say was that we all have an innate idea of perfection. We, being human, are not perfect. We all realize this. None of us do not know this.

If we all know this, then we must know perfection, otherwise we could not know we are not perfect. But how does a being know of an idea of perfection without someone else telling us what it is? If my parents first told me of perfection, then they must know what perfection is, either by experience or by som... Read more


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