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Kant's Tables of Categories

Logical Table of Judgments

1: As to Quantity Universal [all x are y] Particular [some x are y] Singular [the x is y] 2: As to Quality Affirmative [the x is a y] Negative [the x is not a y] Infinite [the x is a non-y] 3: As to Relation Categorical [x is y] Hypothetical [if x then y] Disjunctive [either x or y] 4: As to Modality Problematic [x is possibly y] Assertoric [x is y] Apodeictic [x is necessarily y]

Transcendental Table of the Concepts of the Understanding

1: As to Quantity Unity (Measure) Plurality (Quantity) Totality (Whole) 2: As to Quality Reality Negation LimitatioN 3: As to Relation Substance Cause Community 4: As to Modality Possibility Existence Necessity/VERSE

Pure Physiological Table of the Universal Principles of Natural Science

1: Axioms of Intuition 2: Anticipations of Perception 3: Analogies of Experience 4: Postulates of Empirical Thought in General

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I find Kant more compelling, taken at face-value

by DannyBoyPoker, April 10, 2014

One gathers the impression from what is here, that Kant's not terribly compelling, or plausible, whatever his historical importance. I think this is debatable.

About the claim that is made here, that Frege was the first to point out that geometry is not synthetic a priori. Well, this implies that indeed, geometry is not synthetic a priori. However, Some believe that Frege was wrong. I'll note that I'm also reading, here, about how this position 'was given a boost by Einstein's relativity..' That is to say, that Einstein's relativity<... Read more


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