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The Republic


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full title  ·  The Republic

author  · Plato

philosophical movement  · Plato was his own philosophical movement, known as “Platonism.”

language  · Ancient Greek

time and place written  · Plato wrote The Republic in Athens around 380 B.C.

speaker  · As in nearly all of Plato’s works, Socrates acts as Plato’s mouthpiece.

areas of philosophy covered  · Though The Republic is primarily concerned with defining and defending justice, it is in no way limited to ethics and political philosophy. It also presents bold and fascinating theories in the fields of epistemology and metaphysics.

philosophical movements opposed  · Plato’s main opposition in The Republic is the Sophists.

other works by plato on similar topics  · For more on Plato’s political theory see the Laws. For more on his theory of Forms see the Meno, the Phaedo, and the Symposium.

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Its not about education

by Howk, January 21, 2014

The story of the cave has nothing to do with it being a metaphor about education. simple shallow thinking is all that can conclude that. its about knowledge beyond this world and the attempt by someone who has surpassed the idiocy of this world that keeps the majority in chains and darkness going back into that darkness to try to tell others to look so they too can see the way out. And is killed for his caring to try. but the arrogance in this world never ends so you get entire conflagurations and diatribes inventing oh its about this. Once ... Read more


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