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Sickness Unto Death

Soren Kierkegaard


Full-Book Quiz

1. Kierkegaard tells us in the Preface that religious books should be:

2. For Christians, the "sickness unto death" is:

3. Kierkegaard compares Christian writers to which of these professionals?

4. In order to overcome despair, individuals must form a relationship with which of the following people or things?

5. A man who wants to become Caesar but fails is really in despair over which of the following?

6. Eliminating despair requires:

7. Despair becomes most intense when it is:

8. For Christians, despair is:

9. According to Kierkegaard, Socrates defined sin as which of the following:

10. Which of the following is the opposite of sin?

11. When considered rationally, Christianity's teachings are:

12. Sin may best be understood as which of the following?

13. The most intense sin is:

14. Which of the following is the solution to sin and despair?

15. When was "The Sickness Unto Death" first published?

16. What was Kierkegaard's native country?

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A human being is "a self which relates itself to itself" and which has been "established by another."

by anon_2223140179, January 10, 2015

A human being is "a self which relates itself to itself" and which has been "established by another."

This is so urgh... I get the feeling there is a hint of regressive logic here that is intentional. The inability to percieve oneself. I am having trouble framing these things coherently. SO FRUSTRATING


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