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Coleridge’s Poetry

Samuel Taylor Coleridge



Coleridge, Samuel Taylor. Selected Poetry, edited by Heather Jackson. New York: Oxford University Press, 1999.

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Q. Consider, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" as a poem of crime and punishment.

by touhidsm, May 03, 2014

Ans: Through stages of penance, repentance, absolution and redemption, Coleridge is able to depict the idea of salvation in ‘The Rime of Ancient Mariner’.
The Rime of Ancient Mariner is one of the most famous three poems of S. T. Coleridge. The poem was planned by Wordsworth and Coleridge on the afternoon of the 20th November, 1797, when they were walking in the Quantocks. Read the full answer FREE at


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Q. Discuss the allegorical significance of the Mariner's sufferings in "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner".

by touhidsm, May 03, 2014

Answer: An allegory is described as a fictional literary narrative or artistic expression that conveys a symbolic meaning parallel to but distinct from, and more important than, the literal meaning. This is true in Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.” This poem is an allegory that symbolizes the inherent struggle of humans facing the ideas of sin and redemption. Read the full answer at

Q. Discuss, Coleridge’s Kubla Khan as an Illustration of Romanticism.

by touhidsm, May 03, 2014

Ans: The Romantic lives in a world, not of things, but of images; not of laws, but of metaphors. Although best known for his poetry, Samuel Taylor Coleridge was also an important literary critic who helped to popularize the Romantic Movement among English speaking peoples. Romanticism had emerged from the German Sturm und Drang movement of the second half of the eighteenth century, which itself had arisen as a reaction to Enlightenment philosophy and values. Read the full answer at


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