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The Merchant of Venice

William Shakespeare

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you should make a video summary

by Camiboksailor, May 27, 2014

of the merchant of venice, it would really help


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Comparison of the characters of Antonio and Bassanio

by urvibibbo, December 08, 2014

Antonio is introduced as a rich merchant having many ventures at sea.He is always in a state of melancholy and not interested in love.Loyalty and generosity towards Bassanio are the major traits of his character.Compared to Antonio, Bassanio is shown as a spendthrift young gallant, who live sin a life of luxury beyond his means.he seems to take undue advantage of Antonio's generosity.Unlike Antonio, he is a romantic man, who wants to marry Portia, a rich and beautiful heiress from Belmont.

Need Help

by KedarSane, December 31, 2014

I am not understanding how to write the answer for the casket choosing of the Prince of Arragorn. Please help.

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