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Richard III

William Shakespeare


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Whom does Richard blame for Clarence’s murder?

2. Who arranges the murders of the princes on Richard’s behalf?

3. How many kings does England have during the play?

4. What dignitary is involved in Richard’s scheme to be crowned king?

5. To which house does Richard belong?

6. Which of the following characters is not one of Queen Elizabeth’s kinsmen?

7. Which character does Richard hope to marry in Act IV?

8. On whom does Richard blame his deformed arm?

9. Why is it strange that Lady Anne would agree to marry Richard?

10. What is Richmond’s name after he becomes king?

11. What is Richard’s heraldic emblem?

12. Who delivers the curses that foreshadow many of the main characters’ eventual fates?

13. For what does Richard say he would trade his kingdom during the final battle?

14. To whom does Queen Elizabeth promise the hand of young Elizabeth in marriage?

15. Why does Richard order Clarence’s murder?

16. To what house does Edward IV belong?

17. Whose son does Richard hold hostage?

18. What do the ghosts say to Richard?

19. Why is Hastings pleased when Elizabeth’s kinsmen are executed?

20. In what century do the events of the play take place?

21. In what prison are the princes confined?

22. To what house does Margaret belong?

23. To whom does Richard give his sword, claiming he wishes to be killed?

24. How many ghosts curse Richard in Act V?

25. Why does Richard become alienated from Buckingham?

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He's Created a Thoroughly Rotten King

by ReadingShakespeareby450th, June 11, 2013

Richard III is a fun read because the king is so evil. I'm reading all of Shakespeare by his 450th birthday, and this play gave me a great gift idea. See my blog about Richard III and a present for the Bard:


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Amazing, a great help

by SparkNoteInspired, June 19, 2014

I wanted to find out about shakespeare and I did!!


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How about a bedtime story?

by hellorichard, March 02, 2016

Once upon a time, there lived a beautiful princ3 he had a magnificent diving board in his back garden tthat he dived off every Tuesday evening after supper. Next chapter, however the princess was very lonely he needed another prince to satisfy his lonelyeenes ( the guy who made autocorrect is as much hated as Justin Bieber.) so he got married to her. the end! but wait there is just one last twist that twist is........................................................


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