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Timon of Athens

William Shakespeare

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Who arrives at Timon's house hoping to make a sale?

Timon explains his generosity thus:

Apemantus is:

What favor does Timon do for Ventidius?

Flavius can't talk to his master, Timon, about:

When creditors arrive at Timon's door, Timon asks Flavius:

Timon orders his land sold but:

Flavius thinks once Timon's wealth is gone then:

Timon can't believe Flavius, so he sends servants to his friends asking for loans. But:

Alcibiades gets into an argument with the senate. Why?

Timon throws a last feast and serves:

Timon departs the city for:

Searching for food, Timon discovers:

Alcibiades tells Timon about his plan to attack Athens. Timon responds:

Apemantus visits Timon, claiming he has come to:

Flavius visits Timon and shows himself to be:

Who else visits Timon?

What do Timon's last visitors want?

But Timon's real opinion of mankind remains:

Timon expects to soon:

Alcibiades arrives at Athens's gates with his army. The senators try to defend the city how?

Alcibiades agrees:

But news on Timon arrives:

Timon died believing:

Of Timon, Alcibiades says:

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Shakespeare does Satire

by ReadingShakespeareby450th, August 19, 2013

Or at least that's what I think he was doing in Timon of Athens. Just finished a blog on my take.

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