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Isaac Newton

General Info



Important People, Terms, and Events


Summary and Analysis

Newton's Youth

The First Flowering of Genius

"The Miraculous Year"

Newton and Hooke

Toward the Principia


Breakdown, Prophecies, and Alchemy

The Later Years

Newton's Death and Legacy

Study Tools

Study & Essay

Review Test

Further Reading

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Newton having been inFatioated

by martinuddin, September 09, 2012

Please note that G.W. von Leibniz died in 1716, not 1714 as stated in the time line.
In the test, the question where Isaac studied mentions the year 1616, err for 1661.
I took the test and came to 94 % but I contend that he never had any lovers at no point. He was inFatioated as far as I know so the right answer is not in the list!


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