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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. 1. Victoria's father was a son of which British monarch?

2. 2. Victoria's husband was a prince of which German territory?

3. 3. What was the name of Victoria's first-born child?

4. 4. Which relative did Victoria most look up to for advice in her teen years and first years as Queen?

5. 5. Who was Sir John Conroy?

6. 6. Who was Victoria's first prime minister and political mentor?

7. 7. Victoria was succeeded in 1901 by which British monarch?

8. 8. Britain engaged in which war between 1853 and 1856?

9. 9. The Second and Third Reform Bills were concerned primarily with what issue?

10. 10. Where was the Great Exhibition of 1851 housed?

11. 11. What was the reason for Victoria's self-imposed seclusion during the first half of the 1860s?

12. 12. The chief architect of mid-Victorian foreign policy was

13. 13. Victoria acquired what title in 1876?

14. 14. Of all her prime ministers, Victoria disliked which man the most?

15. 15. The Boer War was fought in the lands of which modern nation?

16. 16. Where was is royal residence of Balmoral located?

17. 17. The Chartists represented the interests of which social group?

18. 18. What years cover the span of Victoria's reign?

19. 19. Why was Victoria disappointed with her eldest son?

20. 20. What was the "Midlothian Campaign"?

21. 21. Victoria objected to which aspect of the Church of England as she knew it?

22. 22. Victoria's Golden Jubilee occurred during which year?

23. 23. Which title was Victoria's husband granted in 1857?

24. 24. Which political party did Victoria identify most with in her early days as Queen?

25. 25. Victoria's reign began in which year?

26. 26. Who was Flora Hastings?

27. 27. Benjamin Disraeli represented which political party?

28. 28. Which of these was a royal "first" of Queen Victoria's?

29. 29. What was a primary area of expertise where Prince Albert outshone Queen Victoria?

30. 30. What would have been a chief cause for concern to Victoria's security as Queen in 1848?

31. 31. Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg Gotha for which major reason?

32. 32. Which royal residence did Victoria write to Albert was "a place of our own"?

33. 33. Why did Victoria endear herself to the middle classes as few monarchs before her had done?

34. 34. The Crimean War primarily concerned which European powers?

35. 35. Which international event affected British politics in 1860?

36. 36. What is one way Victoria did NOT mourn Prince Albert after his death?

37. 37. In 1882, Victoria was saved from an assassination by the quick action of

38. 38. The Public Worship Bill of 1874 discouraged which practice?

39. 39. Whose 1883 death devastated Queen Victoria?

40. 40. One innovation in the education of Victoria's children was

41. 41. What event virtually ended the republican movement in Britain in 1871?

42. 42. What was at stake in the "Home Rule" debate?

43. 43. Victoria disliked William Gladstone primarily for

44. 44. A position Victoria shared with her Conservative ministers was that

45. 45. Victoria's death occurred before the end of which conflict?

46. 46. Who was Victoria's chief adviser by the 1850s?

47. 47. Victoria's Britain was exceptional among European nations for

48. 48. What kind of accident did the Queen experience in 1883?

49. 49. What was one of Victoria's famous nicknames in the last years of her life?

50. 50. Victoria's reign was notable for

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It was Disraeli who had a reverence for the royal family, not gladstone....


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