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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is the secret of Sir Robert's past?

2. Where has Lord Goring seen Mrs. Cheveley's diamond bracelet before?

3. What tapestry hangs as the backdrop for Act I?

4. If for Lord Goring nothing ages like happiness, one must live for

5. In Act IV, Lord Goring remarks that he prefers what to principles?

6. How does Lady Chiltern know Mrs. Cheveley?

7. When Mrs. Cheveley first appears in Act I, she is dressed in what color?

8. What epithet does Lord Caversham repeat against his son?

9. What is the name of Mabel foiled suitor?

10. At the end of Act III, what does Lord Goring threaten to remove from Mrs. Chelevey by force?

11. Why does Mrs. Cheveley come to Sir Robert?

12. What is the name of Lord Goring's butler?

13. What appointment does Sir Robert accept at the end of the play?

14. When Lord Goring receives Sir Robert in his library in Act III, who does he believe waits in the drawing room?

15. According to Mrs. Cheveley in Act II, what is the only really fine art produced in modern times?

16. Toward the beginning of Act II, Lady Chiltern returns from a meeting of what organization?

17. Lady Chiltern's note to Lord Goring appears on what colored paper?

18. From whose lines comes the title of the play?

19. Lord Goring describes Mrs. Cheveley as a daytime genius and nighttime

20. From whom does Sir Robert learn the true addressee of Lady Chiltern's note?

21. What is the ultimate fate of Sir Robert's letter to Baron Arnheim?

22. When is the play set?

23. Having accepted Lord Goring's proposal, Mabel retires to the Conservatory to sit under a

24. Mrs. Cheveley is willing to trade Sir Robert's letter for

25. Which of Wilde's plays was first produced in the same year as An Ideal Husband?

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