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The Jew of Malta

Christopher Marlowe


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Why does Machevill say that he has come to England?

2. What is Barabas's reaction to the news that all Jews must go to the senate- house?

3. What excuse does the governor use to confiscate all of Barabas' estate?

4. Why does Barabas mock the knight's assertion that it would be "simple policy"—i.e. foolish strategy—to break the league with the Turks?

5. Which one of Abigail's qualities does Mathias praise to Lodowick?

6. What treasure does Abigail recover from her father's house?

7. Where did Del Bosco capture the Turkish slaves?

8. Which jewel does Lodowick refer to Abigail as?

9. Why does Barabas choose to buy Ithamore instead of the other slave?

10. Why does Barabas tell Abigail "It is no sin to deceive a Christian"?

11. Why has the courtesan Bellamira's business dried up?

12. When does Abigail decide she wants to convert to Christianity?

13. What does Barabas use to poison the convent?

14. What does Barabas say when Ithamore asks him if he is grieved at Abigail's death?

15. Why is Bernardine grieved by Abigail's death?

16. Why does Barabas kill Bernardine and Jacomo?

17. How does Ithamore attempt to bribe Barabas?

18. How does Barabas disguise himself in order to poison Bellamira, Pilia-Borza, and Ithamore?

19. What does Barabas demand when Ferneze sends him to jail?

20. In what way does Barabas feign death?

21. How does the Turkish army defeat Malta?

22. Why does Barabas decide to make a deal with Ferneze?

23. How much money does Ferneze give Barabas to free Malta?

24. What adjectives would best describe Barabas's attitude as he dies?

25. To whom or what does Ferneze credit Malta's deliverance?

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by MariaDPettiford, October 18, 2017

The plot is an original story of religious conflict, intrigue, and revenge, set against a backdrop of the struggle for supremacy between Spain and the Ottoman Empire in the Mediterranean that takes place on the island of Malta. The title character, Barabas, dominates the play's action.

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