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Uncle Vanya

Anton Chekhov


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Telegin is known as "Waffles" because..

2. What do Sonya and Astrov consider so "infectious" about Yelena?

3. Who inherited the estate upon Vera Petrovna's death?

4. What does Astrov show Yelena in Act III?

5. Yelena is trained in what instrument?

6. Marina dubs Voynitsky what species of fowl?

7. Throughout the play, we hear the tapping of whom?

8. Astrov has recently treated an outbreak of what disease?

9. Astrov is repeated described as

10. Uncle Vanya is based on which earlier play of Chekhov's?

11. How does Yelena consider her role in her life?

12. What is Vanya's name in French?

13. Who does Voynitsky kill in Act III?

14. Along with Ibsen and Strindberg, Chekhov is known as a pioneer of what device?

15. Why have Yelena and Sonya had a longstanding conflict?

16. In Act II, Sonya makes Astrov promise to renounce

17. In Act I, Astrov remarks on which of his body parts?

18. In Act III, Voynitsky accuses Yelena of having the blood of a

19. "Sonya" is a variant on the Greek name for

20. Who appears drunk in this play?

21. Astrov first appears in Act II without

22. What is the play's subtitle

23. What in particular of Serebryakov does Voynitsky avowedly envy?

24. When is the play set?

25. Which of Chekhov's plays is published almost contemporaneously with Uncle Vanya?

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