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Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Suggestions for Further Reading

Burnett, Murray and Joan Alison. Everybody Comes to Rick's. New York: Wharton and Gabel, 1941.

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Harmetz, Aljean. The Making of Casablanca: Bogart, Bergman, and World War II. New York: Hyperion, 1992. (Previously published as Round up the Usual Suspects.)

Koch, Howard, Comp. Casablanca: Script and Legend. Woodstock, NY: The Overlook Press, 1973.

Lebo, Harlan. Casablanca: Behind the Scenes. New York: Simon and Schuster, 1992.

Osborne, Richard E. The Casablanca Companion: The Movie Classic and Its Place in History. Indianapolis: Riebel-Roque, 1997.

Steiner, Max. Casablanca: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Los Angeles: Turner Classic Movies/Rhino Movie Music, 1997.

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Verses omitted from "As Time Goes By"

by asighisjust, September 30, 2012

Recently I learned there are three verses to "As Time Goes By," omitted from the film music to Casablanca, sung by Dooley Wilson, and now accepted as standard. Rather than retype them here, readers can go to Wikipedia articles, (i) "As Time Goes By" and (ii) read also about the composer, Herman Hupfeld, NOT Max Steiner, who, purportedly did not like the song/verses in the first place. The complete lyrics make more sense for me now than previously, as lovely as they were/now are.


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Well said

by Peh6329, December 07, 2013

I guess I've tried to watch Casablanca several times, mostly in distracted situations. This summary really helped me understand the plot!


by SallyMJX, May 14, 2016

Best detailed synopsis I've ever seen!

One suggestion for something that's a little confusing in the synopsis: the police officer's name is Captain Louis Renault. He should be referred to as "Renault" - not "Louis," which is his first name. This was confusing to me - and required me to go back to figure out who this "Louis" was.

But all in all, a superb effort that clarified a lot of plot points.


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