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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who is the first of Paul’s classmates to die during the war?

2. Whose boots does Müller want?

3. Which character has a knack for finding food?

4. For what medical condition that plagues Tjaden does Himmelstoss devise a humiliating cure?

5. From what illness does Paul’s mother suffer?

6. What did Kantorek encourage his students to do about the war?

7. With what friend is Paul hospitalized?

8. How long before the Armistice does Paul die?

9. Who dies as Paul carries him to safety?

10. What prompts Detering to desert?

11. What nationality are the prisoners whom Paul befriends?

12. What nationality is the soldier whom Paul stabs to death?

13. Where does Paul choose to spend his leave?

14. According to Kat, what would happen if the enlisted men and the officers were all given the same pay?

15. According to Kropp, how should disagreements between nations be resolved?

16. Who kills the goose?

17. Which character most loathes Himmelstoss?

18. Which character is the last to die?

19. What happens when half the company is killed at the beginning of the novel?

20. What inventions made World War I so different from previous wars?

21. In what year was the novel first published in English?

22. What is the term for the long ditches from which the armies attack one another?

23. What nationality is the girl with whom Paul sleeps?

24. What does the army report say on the day Paul is killed?

25. What is Kropp’s first name?

Kemmerich's Corkscrew Nails

by OverlyDramatic, August 14, 2012

Early in the book, before Kemmerich's death, Paul pictures the man's nails and growing after his death, into long spirals and corkscrews. While this is a powerful visual, it is not true. A corpse's skin shrinks away from its nails and hair after death, giving the appearance of increased length. Sorry if I grossed you out, but that was on my test and I thought you should know just in case.


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If you are here from COACH RICE'S class *READ*

by UltimateJBFan98, March 31, 2013

Okay. Here is my advice to you. Read all through SparkNotes as you read through the book. I was soo confused til I looked on SparkNotes. But of course I looked over Spring Break right before the final test! It is a good book when you understand it TRUST ME! Yah -Sydney


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by TonmaiTree, October 01, 2013

This is really helpful, thanks!


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