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Angela McCourt

Angela McCourt

Angela McCourt

Angela McCourt

Despite constant poverty, a criminally irresponsible husband, and the death of three of her children, Angela is a loving mother who retains her sense of humor. Angela must sacrifice her standards of dignity and class in order to provide for her children. Still, she never lowers her expectations for her sons—she raises them to be well-behaved, conscientious, kind, and hardworking men.

Frank often reacts harshly to the measures Angela takes to help her family, condemning her for begging outside a church and later for sleeping with Laman Griffin. However, despite Frank’s hostility to some of her decisions, it is clear that Angela is simply struggling to cope under highly difficult and painful circumstances. McCourt makes it clear that Angela’s first priority is her sons’ welfare.

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by miss_naynay16, August 06, 2013

Pa Keating picked up Eugene, not Malachy, and then aunt Aggie started to cry


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The real meaning of "ashes"

by mkerrigan, February 12, 2016

The intepretation here is incorrect. In an interview, Frank McCourt explained that the book was called Angela's Ashes because the two books, Angela's Ashes and 'Tis, were supposed to be one book. As it worked out, however, they were split into two books, with Angela's Ashes ending with the word 'Tis' and 'Tis ending with Angela's ashes being scattered.


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by Dungmaster47, February 09, 2017

I think you should read this -