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Anne of Green Gables

L. M. Montgomery


Key Facts

Key Facts

full title  ·  Anne of Green Gables

author  ·  Lucy Maud Montgomery

type of work  ·  Novel

genre  ·  Coming-of-age novel; juvenile literature

language  ·  English

time and place written  ·  1908; Canada

date of first publication  ·  1908

publisher  ·  L. C. Page

narrator  ·  The narrator relates the events of the novel in the third person and has access to every character’s thoughts and emotions. Biased and partial, the narrator often mocks, condemns, or shows affection for the characters.

point of view  ·  The novel is written mainly from Anne’s point of view, but it frequently switches to Marilla’s and sometimes to Matthew’s points of view.

tone  ·  The narrator is affectionate toward Anne, satirical when describing small-town life, and sentimental and gushing when describing nature.

tense  ·  Past

setting (time)  ·  The turn of the twentieth century

setting (place)  ·  Prince Edward Island, Canada

protagonist  ·  Anne Shirley

major conflict  ·  Anne struggles to reconcile her imagination and romantic notions with the rigid expectations of traditional Avonlea society.

rising action  ·  Anne’s continuous mistakes in her domestic duties and social interactions

climax  ·  Matthew’s death and Anne’s success at college

falling action  ·  Anne’s decision to stay at Green Gables and teach in Avonlea

themes  ·  The conflict between imagination and expectation; sentimentality versus emotion

motifs  ·  Fashion; images of nature

symbols  ·  Anne’s red hair; the light from Diana’s window

foreshadowing  ·  Anne’s dream about having a best friend hints at the close relationship she develops with Diana Barry; Matthew’s heart trouble foreshadows his death at the end of the novel, just as Marilla’s headaches foreshadow her health problems.

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Error on Rachel Lynde's Character

by jemimarose, October 25, 2016

This is perhaps minor, but contrary to the character description, Rachel Lynde is not childless. In fact, she and her husband had 12 children, although 2 died in infancy. Her children are grown and out of the house, but they certainly existed. Rachel Lynde is bossy, opinionated, and oftentimes intrusive, but her opinions were born out of a wealth of experience, and thus often on point (e.g. Anne's puffed sleeve dress), even if her manner of speaking them was exasperating or unwelcome.


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