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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Cannery Row is a part of what city?

2. Which of the following unusual structures does not serve as a home for a character in the book?

3. Doc's Western Biological Laboratory is:

4. Lee Chong's grocery is successful because:

5. On his trip to La Jolla, Doc finally tries something he's been wanting to try for a long time, which is:

6. Eddie has had many jobs, including the position of:

7. What does Frankie try to steal as a gift for Doc?

8. Which of the following is the town brothel?

9. What disaster hits the town at the busiest time of year for the brothel?

10. Who gives the two parties for Doc?

11. Which of the following characters does NOT commit suicide?

12. The Captain's wife is gone because she has a successful career as:

13. Why do Mack and the boys go up to Carmel Valley?

14. Mrs. Malloy gets upset when her husband will not allow her to get which of the following for their boiler home?

15. Which of "the boys" has a wife?

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