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Death Be Not Proud

John Gunther


Character List

Character List

Character List

Character List

Johnny - Johnny is the subject of Death Be Not Proud. He is a sensitive, intelligent, selfless, courageous teenager who battles a brain tumor. His parents are John Gunther and Frances.

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John Gunther - Gunther is Johnny's father and is divorced from Frances. He is the author of Death Be Not Proud. His works as a journalist, and over the course of the memoir, he writes a book.
Frances - Frances is Johnny's mother and the divorced wife of Gunther. Gunther says that Johnny inherits his intellectual and emotional maturity from her. She is more intimate with him than Gunther.

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Dr. Traeger - Traeger is the family physician who advises the Gunthers on Johnny's condition.
Dr. Max Gerson  - Gerson is a doctor whose unorthodox methods of treating illnesses are based on a controversial diet.
Dr. Tracy Putnam  - Putnam is a specialist in tumors. He is a sensitive man who comes to love Johnny.
Dr. Lester Mount  - Putnam's assistant. Mount helps Johnny throughout his illness.
Dr. Wilder Penfield  - A renowned brain surgeon who operates on Johnny.
Dr. Harvey Cushing  - Preeminent brain surgeon who was the first to open the skull to remove tumors.
Dr. Hahn - A neurologist who identifies Johnny's tumor at Deerfield.
Dr. Johnson - The Deerfield doctor who takes Johnny into the infirmary because of his stiff neck and suspects something worse.
Mr. Boydon - The kindly headmaster of Deerfield.
Mr. Weaver - An older neighbor in the country and chemistry teacher at Andover who helps Johnny with his ammonia experiment.


Which character is the headmaster at Deerfield?
Mr. Boydon
Mr. Weaver
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