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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. At the inn in Bistritz, what does the innkeeper’s wife give Harker to help him on his journey to Castle Dracula?

2. Harker reports that the count’s English estate is rather isolated, and neighbored only by what institution?

3. Despite Dracula’s warning, Harker falls asleep in a forbidden part of the castle. Who or what nearly attacks him there?

4. How does Dracula react when Harker requests to leave the castle immediately?

5. Whom does Lucy Westenra agree to marry?

6. How does Dr. Seward diagnose his patient, Renfield?

7. How does the captain of the Demeter arrive in Whitby, England?

8. What does Mina assume has caused the two small wounds on Lucy’s neck?

9. Where does Dr. Seward’s patient, Renfield, go when he attempts to escape?

10. Who provides blood for Lucy Westenra’s first transfusion?

11. How does Lucy Westenra’s mother die?

12. How does Van Helsing react when the dying Lucy asks Holmwood for a final kiss?

13. What name is given to the mysterious woman suspected of abducting children from Hampstead Heath?

14. What does Mina give Van Helsing to aid his investigation into the strange circumstances surrounding Lucy’s death?

15. How does Van Helsing prove to Dr. Seward that Lucy Westenra is one of the “Un- Dead”?

16. What happens to Lucy’s body after Arthur Holmwood drives a stake through her heart?

17. After reading the Harkers’ journals, whom does Dr. Seward suspect is under Dracula’s spell?

18. What role does Van Helsing first assign Mina in their quest to kill Dracula?

19. What do Van Helsing and his men find in the chapel at the Carfax estate?

20. Why does Renfield become agitated during his conversation with Seward the night before he is attacked?

21. What do Van Helsing and company find when they break into the Harkers’ bedroom in search of Dracula?

22. What is responsible for the scar on Mina’s forehead?

23. How does Van Helsing’s crew determine that Dracula has left England by ship?

24. Who transports the count’s body from Galatz toward Castle Dracula?

25. What do Mina and Jonathan Harker name their child?

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The theme and motif about Lucy's death is a disgrace to this site

by Somethingisbrokehere, January 08, 2013

Please let me state again: Finding anything sexual about Lucy's death and stating it as "unambiguous" that stake is a reference to a penis is absurd. Have you even read the book? I've read the book and I understand it well. Now here is a question: If a stake really meant penis than what did it offer in the books overall meaning? That a bunch of Christians are killing the undead by nailing their penises through people's hearts? Really? That is exactly what your notes are saying and it is embarrassing to think that someone ACTUALLY BELIEVES TH... Read more


153 out of 438 people found this helpful

My gosh, it's full of sex!

by Mysticmidget, January 10, 2013

I agree with "somethingisbrokehere". I read through this summary to aid in an essay about this book and was positively shocked...though it gave me plenty of giggles! Dracula has many things about it which make it partly comedy to me, though of course it's only due to the change of the times. The thought of Bram Stoker reading this site's take on his novel is...oh, do try it, it is HILARIOUS. Psychoanalyzing can be taken too far, and I would ask that this site DOES NOT CHANGE THEIR TAKE ON LUCY'S FINAL DEATH, because in the future I might lik


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Sorry about earlier but let me explain

by Somethingisbrokehere, February 05, 2013

Okay I should've gone into detail more, but the whole penis idea doesn't fit into the plot and doesn't make sense. First of all from a Christian perspective (Mr. Stoker was Protestant) that would be considered an evil thing to do. Since they are undead that would similar to necrophilia which is most definitely unChristian and would go against everything the book is talking about. Also remember, this book was written in 1897 which really wasn't that long ago. The whole idea of stakes being penises doesn't make sense as cleansing (I don't thin


14 out of 43 people found this helpful

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