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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. In what country does the story's action take place?

2. Why are the baths so important?

3. The last time Dr. Stockmann sees Hovstad, he:

4. Dr. Stockmann is a doctor of:

5. Dr. Stockmann speaks out against the tyranny of the:

6. What is Mrs. Stockmann's first name?

7. Which of the following industries is not in some way important to the novel?

8. Why does Aslaksen have power over the newspaper?

9. The Temperance Society is against what?

10. How does Dr. Stockmann know that the lab has confirmed his suspicions?

11. By profession, Horster cares little for local politics. What is his profession?

12. Which men seem to have romantic desires that involve Petra?

13. How does Dr. Stockmann know that his suspicions about the baths are correct?

14. Other than members of his family, Dr. Stockmann's most consistent ally is:

15. Of the following people, who does not eat at the Stockmanns' in the first act?

16. Who owns the hall in which Dr. Stockmann gives his speech?

17. After he gives his speech, Dr. Stockmann hopes to take his family to:

18. Dr. Stockmann doesn't want to tell anyone about his suspicions concerning the baths until:

19. What form did Ibsen's writings originally take?

20. Ibsen lived much of his life in exile in:

21. How is An Enemy of the People structured?

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my notes... important

by SHEKOOFEH493, September 04, 2012

• The term “freethinking” is used often in the play… almost every characters except the mayor and Aslaksan are freethinkers.
• It is not Ibsen’s intent to create a play of food vs. Evil.
• The play is written in the late 19th century
• The play in many ways is about the extent to which the individual innocence can survive in modern society
• In 3rd act we see that the newspaper men are against him.
• Hovstad is not a reliable character, his support is for his attraction to Petra
• The... Read more


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by oksana2411, May 16, 2014

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