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Gone with the Wind

Margaret Mitchell


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. How many children does Scarlett have?

2. Why does Archie oppose Scarlett’s plan to lease convicts?

3. Why does Scarlett stay with Melanie when Atlanta is under attack?

4. Who saves Scarlett from the attack in Shantytown?

5. How does Gerald die?

6. How old is Scarlett at the beginning of the novel?

7. Who is Scarlett’s second husband?

8. What phrase does Scarlett repeat to herself in difficult times?

9. Who delivers Melanie’s child?

10. How does Rhett make money during the war?

11. Who tries to buy Tara from Scarlett?

12. Who catches Scarlett and Ashley embracing?

13. What, according to Ashley, does Scarlett love more than she loves him?

14. Where does Scarlett plan to go at the end of the novel?

15. Who testifies on behalf of the Klansmen after Frank is killed?

16. How does Bonnie die?

17. Why does Ashley refuse to marry Scarlett?

18. Why does Scarlett slap Prissy?

19. Who gives Bonnie her nickname?

20. According to Old Miss Fontaine, what is the secret to life?

21. Why does Rhett abandon Scarlett and Melanie outside Atlanta?

22. Why is Rhett put in jail?

23. Where does Rhett usually spend time after he fights with Scarlett?

24. Why does Scarlett have a miscarriage?

25. What is the final line of the novel?

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by SymbolicAsphodel, July 01, 2014

Poor Ashley. He never quite fit in with the Old Guard, even though he embodied the traits they valued. It was a hard fall from Scarlett's pedestal.

Dissent with Analysis

by mdd07c, August 18, 2014

"but as the novel ends she still has not reflected on her actions or learned from her wrongdoing. In some ways, she has not progressed at all."

She makes the most significant revelation in the whole novel, that she loves Rhett and was only in love with Ashley superficially, and that is not considered learning or reflecting? What more does she need to reflect on with regard to her actions?

Prissy as Heroine

by dannyjane, October 07, 2014

It might seem ridiculous to classify the stereotypically ignorant and silly Prissy as a heroine, but if you shift the point of view from that of the priveleged upper class to the horribly oppressed slave population a different picture presents itself. Prissy has lived with her mother Dilcey all her life, following her mother's path as a servant but not midwife. Dilcey does not permit Prissy to observe a birth because Prissy is regarded as lazy, shiftless, stupid and untruthful. This is deeply frustrating to her owners as well as her mother


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