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Review Questions

Review Questions

Review Questions

Review Questions

1. How old is John Grimes on the day the novel takes place?

2. Where do the Grimeses live?

3. What do John and Elisha do while they are cleaning the church on Saturday evening?

4. According to the terminology used in John's church, what is the name for the lay members who have been saved?

5. What does John do with his birthday money?

6. What provokes Roy to challenge his father directly?

7. What is Gabriel's response to Roy's challenge?

8. Who does Florence see standing in her room?

9. What is the last straw for Florence, pushing her to quit her job and buy a ticket to New York?

10. Where does Florence's husband Frank die?

11. What does Deborah write in her letter to Florence about Gabriel?

12. What does Florence carry in her purse and hope to use as a weapon against Gabriel?

13. How does Gabriel meet Esther, the woman by whom he has his illegitimate son?

14. What does Gabriel invite Esther to do?

15. How long does Gabriel and Esther's affair last?

16. What takes place the day before Gabriel sees his illegitimate son Royal for the last time?

17. How does Royal die?

18. Where does Elizabeth's aunt bring her when she takes Elizabeth away from her father?

19. Which of the following is NOT one of Richard's pet names for Elizabeth?

20. How does Elizabeth meet Florence?

21. How does Gabriel view Elizabeth and her infant son John?

22. What does John believe may be the cause of a curse upon him?

23. Walking home from the tarry service, who confronts Gabriel?

24. What time of day is it when the worshippers leave the temple in the last scene?

25. What does Elisha give John before leaving him on his doorstep?

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