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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What is the name of Miss Havisham’s manor?

2. In what region of England are the marshes of the novel found?

3. How old is Pip when Magwitch returns to his life?

4. In what publication was Great Expectations originally serialized?

5. To what genre of fiction, defined by its depiction of a character’s growth from childhood to adulthood, does Great Expectations belong?

6. Who is Pip’s tutor in London?

7. Who is Estella’s father?

8. What action does Jaggers perform obsessively?

9. What is Pip’s reaction to Joe’s visit to him in London?

10. Who takes credit for Pip’s rise in social status?

11. Who is responsible for the attack on Mrs. Joe?

12. For most of the novel, whom does Pip suspect of being his secret benefactor?

13. What name does Wemmick call his elderly father?

14. Who tells Pip that Compeyson was Miss Havisham’s fiancé?

15. What is Herbert’s nickname for Pip?

16. Where does Pip first encounter Magwitch?

17. Who is the “pale young gentleman”?

18. Whom does Estella marry?

19. Who buys Herbert’s way into business?

20. What happens to Compeyson at the end of the novel?

21. Where does Estella live when she goes abroad?

22. What was the name of Miss Havisham’s brother, Compeyson’s first partner?

23. What accident befalls Miss Havisham before her death?

24. What is the source of the Havisham fortune?

25. What name does Magwitch use to hide his identity?

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To answer your question..

by shoomate, September 18, 2012

In the original ending, they did not get together. Estella got remarried after Dummle died, and thought Joe and Biddy's son was Pip's son, and Pip didn't correct her. In the second and final ending, Estella and Pip reunite in the garden, and it says "there was no shadow of another parting from her", basically meaning they got together. It doesn't tell the reader 100% that they got married or anything, but it is highly likely they did in this ending.


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great expectations

by nthuteng, September 25, 2012

so what is the significance of Newgate for Pip's development from childhood to the end of the novel? and how does the narrator uses manners to comment on moral awareness


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Ending of Great Expectations

by Tyler_Spillers, October 17, 2012

Dont forget Charles Dickens never got to finish the book. He died before he was even close to finishing.


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