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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. How does Gulliver end up stranded in Lilliput?

2. How do the Lilliputians offer Gulliver something to drink?

3. How does Gulliver earn the title of Nardac in Lilliput?

4. Instead of killing him outright, the Lilliputians decide on which of the following punishments for Gulliver?

5. What is the line of doctrine over which the Blefuscudians and Lilliputians differ?

6. Who is Gulliver’s main caretaker in Brobdingnag?

7. How does Gulliver leave Brobdingnag?

8. Who first discovers Gulliver in Brobdingnag?

9. What does the farmer make Gulliver do in order to earn money?

10. Who is Gulliver’s main enemy in the royal court of Brobdingnag?

11. What human invention does Gulliver propose to the king of Brobdingnag that the king finds revolting?

12. How does Gulliver end up in Laputa?

13. What do “flappers” do for the people of Laputa?

14. Why does Gulliver seem stupid to the Laputans?

15. Why does Gulliver summon the shades of René Descartes and Pierre Gassendi to talk to Aristotle?

16. Why is Gulliver exiled from the land of the Houyhnhnms?

17. Why is Lord Munodi looked down upon by the government in Lagado?

18. Who are Gulliver’s closest friends after he returns from his time with the Houyhnhnms?

19. How does the king of Luggnagg dispose of his enemies in the court?

20. On which island is Gulliver given the opportunity to summon the shades of the dead?

21. What is different about the Struldbrugs of Luggnagg?

22. Which of the following kinds of specialized language does Swift not ridicule?

23. Which of the human societies that he visits does Gulliver find most appealing?

24. Which of the following adjectives best describe Gulliver’s personality in the first three voyages?

25. Which of the following places does Gulliver visit last?

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It is not a Novel, it is a Satire

by -Salem-, May 17, 2013

The type of work is Satire, not Novel, because it happened before the Novel tradition started, and because it is a parody.


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Glance into past

by rajhvora99, February 11, 2014

Swift has used his words as swords to criticize all the things in Britain at that time. Someone who knew nothing about Britain could obviously imagine how Britain would be at the time Swift wrote his satire.


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Q. Analyze, Swift attack on man in part 4 on the basis of Gulliver’s Travels / Misanthropy.

by touhidsm, May 04, 2014

Answer: Gulliver's Travels examines human nature through a misanthropic lens and through satire examines the changes English society was undergoing. The tale depicts the journey of Lemuel Gulliver, an Englishman, and his peculiar encounters. Read the full answer at


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