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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Who raised Tesman?

2. What is Tesman's academic specialty?

3. What kind of book has Ejlert just published?

4. Where did Hedda acquire her pistols?

5. Where did Ibsen live most of his life?

6. In what year was Hedda Gabler completed?

7. For how many months did the Tesmans' honeymoon last?

8. What did Hedda think of her honeymoon?

9. To whom is Mrs. Elvsted married?

10. What is Ejlert's manuscript about?

11. What does Aunt Julle bring Tesman?

12. Which of the following sentences is most true about Judge Brack?

13. How does Hedda drive Ejlert to drink?

14. Which of the following terms best describes Berte?

15. Of what does Tesman declare himself jealous?

16. At whom does Hedda pretend to shoot?

17. How has Tesman come to possess Ejlert's manuscript?

18. Which of the following is explicitly made clear in the play?

19. What are Mrs. Elvsted's thoughts upon hearing that Ejlert has "destroyed" his manuscript?

20. What happens while Ejlert and Tesman are at Brack's party?

21. When the play begins, Tesman assumes Ejlert is no longer an academic rival because:

22. Whom does Hedda call "the cock of the yard"?

23. What do Hedda and Ejlert pretend to do when they are found talking together?

24. How is Hedda Gabler structured?

25. What is Hedda's last act before she dies?

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Tesman and Lovberg

by justlisten234, August 28, 2012

Hey guys! I wanted to add that I think Tesman doesn't necessarily want to destroy Lovberg's manuscript in some capacity, or even is reluctant to give it back. I feel like while Tesman may harbor some jealousy toward Lovberg's success, he doesn't resent Lovberg enough to even want to do anything bad to the manuscript to harm Lovberg. I think Tesman genuinely wanted to give the manuscript back to Lovberg after the party, and he was genuinely horrified that Hedda didn't give the manuscript back to Lovberg--and he said it might have ended up bei... Read more


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