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Sir Walter Scott


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who strikes the blow that plunges Athelstane into his coma?

2. How many pieces of silver does Front-de-Boeuf demand from Isaac?

3. Who heals Ivanhoe after the tournament?

4. What is Ivanhoe's first disguise in the novel?

5. Whom does Ivanhoe marry at the end of the novel?

6. Whom does Cedric toast to insult Prince John?

7. Where is Richard thought to be imprisoned?

8. Why does Cedric disinherit Ivanhoe?

9. What does Wamba threaten Isaac with at the tournament?

10. Who sets fire to Torquilstone?

11. Who kidnaps the Saxons?

12. Who wins the tournament at Ashby?

13. Whom does Cedric hope Rowena will marry?

14. Who is the Disinherited Knight?

15. Who misleads de Bois-Guilbert and Prior Aymer as they search for Cedric's manor?

16. Who kills Cedric?

17. How many castles are besieged before the novel is over?

18. What is the text of the missive John receives at the tournament?

19. Who gives Ivanhoe the details of the battle at Torquilstone?

20. Who is the Black Knight?

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Athelstane- the ever-hungry favorite character

by Ziam_is_bae, March 04, 2015

We can never for get the brave, unforgettable character Athelstane. This man, who is a favorite of many readers, is seemingly always hungry. Maybe the fact that he is of the male race has to do with this, but we may never know for sure. HE is remembered most for crashing his own funeral and getting quite upset for there not being any food. Who would only serve communion crackers and wine at his funeral? WHO WOULD DARE?


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