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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. At the beginning of the novel when Ivan's colleagues learn of his death, why is their reaction so remarkable?

2. At the funeral service, which character tries to set up a game of bridge?

3. Who is Ivan's closest friend?

4. At the funeral, what is the real reason Praskovya wants to speak to Peter privately?

5. At the funeral, Peter feels especially uneasy when he:

6. What type of person is Ivan attracted to?

7. Married life is pleasant for Ivan until what event occurs?

8. In his official work, Ivan tries to maintain what tone?

9. Why does Ivan take a leave of absence from work and move with his family to the country?

10. Why does Ivan receive a new appointment with a higher paying salary?

11. What event precipitates Ivan's illness?

12. What is Ivan's greatest pleasure?

13. Which of the following characterizes the doctors' attitude toward Ivan?

14. How does Ivan learn of the extent of his physical degeneration?

15. How does Ivan deal with unpleasant situations or relationships?

16. Who is Gerasim?

17. What does Gerasim do that eases Ivan's physical pain?

18. What bothers Ivan more than the physical pain?

19. Who is the only person that does not lie about the nature of Ivan's condition?

20. One night, Praskovya, Lisa, and Lisa's fiancé decide to go where?

21. Ivan dreams of which object?

22. When Ivan awakes from his dream, what does he hear?

23. When Ivan thinks back on his life, what does he think is the best part?

24. When Ivan passes into the bright light, what does he compare the experience to?

25. When Ivan catches sight of the light, he realizes that his life has not been a good one. What else happens simultaneously?

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