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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who records the story of Miss Jane Pittman?

2. What was Miss Jane Pittman's slavery name?

3. What was her name after slavery before she married Joe Pittman?

4. How did she get that name?

5. Where does Jane want to go when slavery ends?

6. How does Jane end up traveling with Ned?

7. Who does Jane not meet on her trek North?

8. Why does Jane decide to stay in Louisiana?

9. What does Joe Pittman do for a living?

10. What does Miss Jane initially not want to tell Joe Pittman before they marry?

11. Where does Ned go when he flees the plantation?

12. What does Jane do at the ranch where Joe Pittman breaks horses?

13. Why does Jane go to see the "hoodoo" woman?

14. Why does Ned return to Louisiana?

15. Who shoots Ned?

16. What does Jane do to Albert Cluveau after the shooting?

17. Who is Tee Bob's half-brother?

18. With whom does Tee Bob fall in love?

19. Why does Tee Bob kill himself

20. Who does Miss Jane Pittman think is the "One"?

21. What does Robert Samson do with his plantation land after Tee Bob dies?

22. What becomes a major part of Miss Jane's life at the end of the book?

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