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The Princess Bride

William Goldman


Prince Humperdinck

Prince Humperdinck

Prince Humperdinck

Prince Humperdinck

Prince Humperdinck, the most powerful man in what would one day become Europe, epitomizes everything crotchety, undeserved and dishonest in this story. The country of Florin is his playground, and Buttercup his disposable doll of a wife. While he is an exceptionally talented hunter, he uses his training for his own good: he hunts for sport within his zoo of death, and he disposes of his wife in order to amuse himself with a war. Even under Vizzini's criminal leadership, Fezzik and Inigo use their skills for arguably useful, perhaps even noble purposes, and thus this story is their adventure as it seeps under and around Humperdinck's reign.

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Look at the clues

by bear19100, April 24, 2013

As you read you found out that the man in black is westley saving buttercup.


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