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George Bernard Shaw


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. BY what name does Eliza address Freddy the first time that they encounter each other?

2. When the Flower Girl gets in the taxi at Covent Garden after the thunderstorm, where does she initially tell the taxicab to take her?

3. Higgins claims that English is the language of:

4. Why does the crowd hiding from the rain get so upset with Higgins for taking notes of the Flower Girl's speech?

5. What have Pickering and Higgins written respectively?

6. How does Eliza Doolittle dress herself up when she visits Higgins to ask to take speech lessons?

7. What reason does Higgins give for deciding to take on the experiment?

8. After she threatens to leave because is so unfeeling, what does Henry give Eliza to convince her to stay?

9. What does Eliza usually wear to sleep?

10. When Alfred Doolittle says he is willing to sell his daughter for fifty pounds, Pickering asks him if he has no morals. Alfred says what in response?

11. All of the following witness Eliza Doolittle's phonetic debut at Mrs. Higgins' at-home except:

12. Which of the following summarizes Higgins' essential attitude towards women?

13. What does Freddy think Eliza is speaking when he meets her at Mrs. Higgins' at-home?

14. Upon finding out about the experiment, Mrs. Higgins thinks that her son and his friend Pickering are:

15. Who claims that Eliza must be a Hungaraian princess?

16. What does Eliza fling in Higgins' face

17. Eliza has been called all the following except

18. When Freddy catches Eliza running out of Higgins' house, what is she actually on her way to do?

19. From whom does Eliza say she learns self-respect?

20. Why does Higgins tell Eliza she should return to with him?

21. Who does Eliza marry in the course of the play, to a viewing audience's understanding?

22. For what organization must Alfred Doolittle lecture in order to make three thousand pounds a year?

23. How much money does Alfred Doolittle want for his daughter from Higgins?

24. "A-a-a-a-a-ah-ow-ooh!" is the favorite call of which of following characters?

25. The last act shows the characters getting ready for whose wedding?

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by anon_2223140000, January 09, 2015

Imagine if i am taking Eliza's interview from Pygmalion.

What questions should i ask her?


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