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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. Gabilan is sick with:

2. How old is Jody at the start of the novel?

3. The Cypress tree represents what?

4. Which of the following foreshadows Gabilan's death?

5. Which of the following is false?

6. Gitano arrives at the ranch because

7. Which character most resents Gitano?

8. The "nameless sorrow" that grips Jody at the end of the second story is most closely connected to which of the following?

9. Billy Buck makes a rope out of

10. Billy Buck is closest in age to

11. Carl Tiflin

12. Where did John Steinbeck set his most famous novels?

13. What is a paisano?

14. Jody fantasizes that his colt will be

15. Steinbeck

16. Jody's colt is

17. Nellie is

18. Jody looks forward to beating mice out of the haystack with

19. Jody's grandfather lives

20. Jody feels sorry for his grandfather, so he offers

21. Carl Tiflin resents Jody's grandfather because

22. Steinbeck's style is

23. Jody tells his grandfather that

24. Jody's grandfather always talks about

25. Jody's father and mother argue about

26. Billy Buck's feelings are hurt when

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Please can the editor correct 'puss' to 'pus'! The pony doesn't have a cat in its neck. :/ Thanks

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