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The Turn of the Screw

Henry James


Study Questions and Essay Topics

Suggestions for Further Reading

1. What is the governess’s relationship to Douglas?

2. Whom does the governess see peering into the dining-room window on a Sunday?

3. Whom does Mrs. Grose see peering into the dining-room window on a Sunday?

4. Who claims not to see Miss Jessel at the lake?

5. What does Miles do to “distract” the governess while Flora wanders off?

6. What does Miles bring up as he is walking to church with the governess?

7. What does Miles confess to stealing?

8. Whom does the governess see out on the lawn one night?

9. Where do Mrs. Grose and the governess find Flora?

10. What is a key factor in the governess’s agreement to take the position at Bly?

11. Whom does the governess see sitting at the bottom of the stairs?

12. At whom does the governess scream in the schoolroom?

13. What does Quint vanish into on the staircase?

14. Whom does Miles first name when the governess points out a vision in the last scene?

15. Who narrates the prologue?

16. Where is Bly?

17. What does the headmaster’s letter say?

18. According to Miles, why can’t he return to school?

19. Where does the governess find Flora when she realizes Flora is out of bed?

20. Why does Flora leave Bly?

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