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Sophie's World

Jostein Gaarder


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Who was Plato's teacher?

2. Who was Aristotle's teacher?

3. Who founded existentialism?

4. Who is Hilde's father?

5. Who considered freedom a burden?

6. Where was Hilde's father stationed?

7. Who does Hilde's father work for?

8. What is Alberto's dog's name?

9. Where is Alberto in the videotape he gives to Sophie?

10. Who believed in a world of ideas?

11. Who believed it is possible that we exist only in God's mind?

12. Who believed the world conforms to our mind?

13. When did the idea of returning to nature become popular?

14. Who is famous for doubting?

15. Who felt that philosophy needed to be practical?

16. Who believed that people act according to their feelings, not their reason?

17. What is the name of Sophie's best friend?

18. Who argues that religion is a matter of either believing or not?

19. Who developed the theory of natural selection?

20. What period was characterized by an emphasis on humanism?

21. Who focused on the world spirit?

22. Where did Socrates live?

23. Who believed material forces shape history?

24. Who "Christianized" Aristotle?

25. Where does the book take place?

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a question we all ask

by pala909, August 08, 2012

For my whole life, I have questioned where God came from. I've always believed in a God and that He created us, but I could never wrap myself around the idea of where He Himself came from. One day, I asked my friend and his answer was quite helpful and it might also help you guys, he said, I think God was always there as the essence of "there". God doesn't exist like you and I exist. Based on the way we understand existence, God doesn't exist. That's why that question is so hard for us. When Moses asked God's name he said "I Am"
And t... Read more


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by Utilizer, November 29, 2014

Mom - Hilde's mother is a very minor character in the book. The relationship between Hilde and her father is much more central, but *Hilde's mother often provides a stabilizing influence in her daughter's life. We do not know how deep of a thinker she is, but it is clear that she loves her husband and her daughter very much.

Universal truth

by sanaullahkk, April 15, 2015

just take the theory Idealism by Plato, after that come to your Question. God is Metaphysical we can't touch, seen, just fell. when we done an unbelievable work or action which would be impossible for us and without any difficulty we done that work. So this is the help of God and we just fell that God helped us. God who made me and you so how can we decide that God is in us. No, No one knows that where is God and this is Universal truth.
if any one has the Question about my comment so you can asks.


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