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Stranger in a Strange Land

Robert A. Heinlein


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. What does Mike call the church that he founds?

2. What Martian word means "to drink""?

3. What does Agnes Douglas believe is the only true science?

4. Who marries Dr. Mahmoud?

5. Which of the following professions has Jubal never worked as?

6. Which two high priestesses in Mike's church have nearly identical bodies?

7. Which profession does Jill never work as?

8. Why does Ben flee from his initial visit to the Nest?

9. Who were Mike's parents?

10. Which is not a title of one of the book's five parts?

11. Which of the following mysteries is cleared up for certain by the end of the novel?

12. What is the legal precedent by which Mike has a claim to ownership of planet Mars?

13. How does Jubal find a way to get directly in touch with Secretary General Douglas?

14. Why does Mike's magic act fail?

15. Who does not want to eat at the same table with Mike because he is a cannibal?

16. Who does not work for Jubal?

17. How did Dawn Ardent develop her crush on Jubal?

18. Who are the Martian "Old Ones"?

19. Who killed Foster?

20. Which organization does Mike never join?

21. What human emotion does Mike come to understand in Las Vegas?

22. What phrase do Mike and his followers sometimes use to refer to lovemaking?

23. Who becomes Mike's first water-brother on Earth?

24. What are the names of the two ships that travel to Mars?

25. Which religious leader does Mike remind Patty of at their first meeting?

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Apollo =/= Mars

by Brags753, July 10, 2013

The summary incorrectly states that Apollo is the Greek "word" for Mars. Actually, Ares is the Greek name for the god known as Mars in Latin.

Apollo is one of the few classical gods known by nearly the same name in Greek and Latin. In English, he is called Apollo in both contexts.


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