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The Sun Also Rises

Ernest Hemingway


Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. In what sport did Robert Cohn participate at Princeton?

2. Where does the fiesta occur?

3. What is Cohn’s profession?

4. In what war was Jake injured?

5. Who knows the most about bullfighting?

6. What country does Jake come from?

7. What is Brett’s title?

8. Who wins the fight between Jake, Mike, and Cohn?

9. What is the name of the owner of the hotel where Jake stays during the fiesta?

10. Who is Count Mippipopolous?

11. How does Brett and Romero’s relationship end?

12. Which of the following characters is physically impotent?

13. In what sport do Jake and Bill engage while in Spain?

14. Which of the following characters does not want to sleep with Brett?

15. What does Jake say to Brett at the end of the novel?

16. How good a bullfighter is Pedro Romero?

17. How does Cohn react to the bullfight?

18. Where did Brett and Jake meet?

19. Why does Cohn decide not to go fishing?

20. What do most people drink at the fiesta?

21. Who introduces Brett to Romero?

22. What interrupts Jake’s vacation in San Sebastian in the novel’s final chapter?

23. What does Cohn ask Romero to do after Cohn beats him up?

24. What is Cohn’s girlfriend’s name?

25. With whom does Brett secretly go to San Sebastian?

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raising the baton in the last paragraph

by shishijoy, August 20, 2012

I believe that the raised baton also refers to the fact that Jake is impotent and he and Brett will never have the relationship that they both desire.


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Brett- a personification of "need to believe in something" element within Jake

by matt_estrada, June 07, 2015

Ernest Hemingway stated, concerning this book, that “‘The Sun Also Rises’ is a damn tragedy with the earth abiding as hero forever”. Unfortunately, we have not really understood how he explained this in his writings because we have not understood the character of Brett- what she symbolizes- in this novel. Brett is not to be seen as a separate, individual character in her own right but rather she symbolizes an element within another character. We can only understand the true significance of Hemingway’s declaration if we begin to see... Read more


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