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Bimodal  -  describes a set of data that has two modes.
Frequency Distribution Table  -  A table that shows how often a data point or a group of data points appears in a given data set.
Histogram  -  A bar graph which shows frequency distribution.
Mean  -  The sum of the values divided by the total number of values.
Median  -  The middle value (in numerical order) in a set of data. If there are an even number of data values, then the median is the number in between the two middle values, or the mean of those two values.
Mode  -  The value that appears the greatest number of times in a set of data, or the set of all such values if there are several values appearing the maximal number of times.
Range  -  The largest value in a set of data minus the smallest value in that set. The range is a measure of how wide an interval a set of data spans. A set of data with a larger range spans a wider interval, and a set of data with a smaller range spans a smaller interval.