The Tempest

by: William Shakespeare

Original Text

Modern Text

(to FERDINAND) If I have too austerely punished you,
Your compensation makes amends, for I
Have given you here a third of mine own life—
Or that for which I live—who once again
5I tender to thy hand. All thy vexations
Were but my trials of thy love and thou
Hast strangely stood the test. Here, afore heaven,
I ratify this my rich gift. O Ferdinand,
Do not smile at me that I boast of her,
10For thou shalt find she will outstrip all praise
And make it halt behind her.
(to FERDINAND) If I’ve punished you too harshly, I’m ready to make it up to you now, since I’ve given you a third of my life—everything I live for—my daughter Miranda. I put her in your hands. All the trouble I put you through was to test your love for her, and you’ve passed the test remarkably well. As heaven is my witness, I give you this valuable gift. Oh Ferdinand, don’t smile at me for bragging about Miranda, for you’ll see soon enough that she outshines any praise of her.
    I do believe it
Against an oracle.
Then as my gift and thine own acquisition
Worthily purchased, take my daughter. But
15If thou dost break her virgin knot before
All sanctimonious ceremonies may
With full and holy rite be ministered,
No sweet aspersion shall the heavens let fall
To make this contract grow, but barren hate,
20Sour-eyed disdain, and discord shall bestrew
The union of your bed with weeds so loathly
That you shall hate it both. Therefore take heed,
As Hymen’s lamps shall light you.
Then take my daughter, both as my gift to you and as something you have earned. But if you have sex with her before the marriage ceremony takes place, the heavens will not bless your relationship, but will overwhelm you with hate, contempt, and discord, and will poison your marriage bed so that you both grow to loathe it. So be careful, and make sure you respect the holy institution of marriage.