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The Tempest

William Shakespeare

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Act I, scene i

Act I, scene ii

Act I, scene ii (continued)

Act II, scene i

Act II, scene ii

Act III, scene i

Act III, scene ii

Act III, scene iii

Act IV, scene i

Act V, scene i & Epilogue

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by SonnetBlossom, July 16, 2013

Gonzalo also mentions that he thinks that the Boatswain is the type of person who looks like he would die by a hanging and not by drowning.He could be suggesting that the boat would not capsize,because otherwise the boatswain would die.


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Alonso,Gonzalo and Sebastian

by SonnetBlossom, July 16, 2013

"My Lord Sebastian,
The truth you speak doth lack some gentleness,
And time to speak it in.You rub the sore
When you should bring the plaster"

In these words,Gonzalo is criticizing what Sebastian has told Alonso.In these lines,Alonso's heart is the sore,made by the loss of his son.Gonzalo says that Sebastian is "rubbing the sore" meaning that Sebastian isn't helping Alonso overcome his loss.The "plaster" is the kind,compassionate and encouraging words spoken by Gonzalo and time needed to mend Alonso's bleeding heart.... Read more


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by SonnetBlossom, July 16, 2013

Miranda shows her immaturity by asking for reassurance from Ferdinand."Do you love me?"
Ferdinand says is it not obvious when he declares "O heaven,O earth.." when he had been talking about how much he loves her.He also clearly says "Beyond all limit of what else i'the' world,Do love,prize,honour you"

By this ,Ferdinand leaves no doubt about his love,he is faithful,he cares,treasures and respects her.


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