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Blue and Brown Books

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Key Facts

Key Facts

full title  · Preliminary Studies for the "Philosophical Investigations," generally Known as the Blue and Brown Books

author  ·  Ludwig Wittgenstein

philosophical movement  ·  Analytic philosophy, although Wittgenstein rejects the philosophical importance of logic, which is one of the key aspects of analytic philosophy

language  ·  English

time and place written  ·  Blue Book 1933–34, Brown Book 1934–35; both at Cambridge University

date of first publication  ·  1958

publisher  ·  Harper & Row (USA); Basil Blackwell (UK)

speaker  ·  The Blue and Brown Books are transcriptions of lectures Wittgenstein gave to his students at Cambridge

philosophical influences on the work  ·  No clear influences, although there is a general influence of Frege and Russell, and perhaps some influence of the Vienna Circle

philosophical influences of the work  ·  Ordinary language philosophy

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