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Genealogy of Morals

Friedrich Nietzsche


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. What did Nietzsche, at thirteen, identify as the origin of morality?

2. What, according to Nietzsche, should we have read before reading The Genealogy of Morals?

3. Nietzsche notes a similarity between the word "bad" and all these other words EXCEPT

4. Nietzsche notes a similarity between the word "good" and all these other words EXCEPT

5. Which of the following do the English psychologists identify as the source of our concept of "good"?

6. What does Nietzsche deem to be the greatest creation of slave morality?

7. What concept stands at the foundation of slave morality in contrast to which all other concepts follow?

8. Who is the ultimate "doer" behind the deed of killing a lamb?

9. What leads us to believe in the existence of a soul?

10. What is the primary focus of the passage from Tertullian that Nietzsche quotes at length?

11. What word does Nietzsche associate with the origin of the word "guilt"?

12. Which of the following is the highest expression of power over an offender?

13. Which of the following has never been a "meaning" of punishment?

14. Which of the following did ancient people NOT have?

15. What have modern societies worked to overcome?

16. How was the transition made from an animal state to organized communities?

17. Which of the following is not a manifestation of a people's debt to its tribal ancestors?

18. What is the meaning of ascetic ideals among artists?

19. Whose definition of the beautiful does Nietzsche most admire?

20. How does Nietzsche ultimately come to interpret ascetic ideals?

21. Which of the following is ultimately considered true about asceticism?

22. Which of the following is NOT considered by Nietzsche to be a means of easing the displeasure felt by the herd?

23. Which of the following books does Nietzsche dislike?

24. What faith does science rest on?

25. Which of the following does Nietzsche NOT associate with the ascetic ideal?

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