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Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. The category of original history is defined by:

2. The four types of reflective history are:

3. Hegel seems to heartily disapprove of which historical method?

4. Hegel believes that history can teach us which lessons for the future?

5. Which historical method involves a ‘universal viewpoint’ but nota priori’ concepts?

6. Hegel lists what as a ‘hostile hindrance’ to the progress of Spirit?

7. Hegel considers his view of the concept of development to be:

8. The nature of the stages of history in their most general sense is a subject for:

9. Hegel cites Schlegel as a key proponent of which idea?

10. Hegel uses what as a metaphor for Spirit:

11. The first social consciousness of freedom was realized by:

12. Hegel refers to history as:

13. Hegel refers to historical figures like Julius Caesar as:

14. Which two things come together as the means of history?

15. What is Hegel referring to with the phrase, ‘the material in which the rational end-goal is to be realized’?

16. Hegel explicitly rejects which models of the State?

17. According to Hegel, world history should be concerned only with:

18. Hegel refers to which historical figure in his discussion of the State?

19. The term ‘Volksgeist’ refers to :

20. Hegel refers to which figure in the context of a priori knowledge in historical study?

21. Which of the following is the prerequisite for the emergence of philosophy?

22. Spirit can be hindered by:

23. What does Hegel say about the decline of the spirit of a given people?

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Hegel's View of State and History

by soberguy7, May 05, 2014

Hegel suggests that no state in any age or any stage of human history can be perfect no matter how high and noble goals it may pursue or achieve. By the time the state achieve those high ideals, human intellect achieves new heights which makes the high goals already achieved by that “next to perfect” state outdated and a quest for achieving the new targets and goals starts, leading human society to its next level, a higher level of development and a new stage in the journey towards perfection.

Teen speech alert!

by DamienKarras, January 23, 2017

The horrendous marketing phrase "in a very real sense" is one of the Nine Phrases You Should Never Use. Why is it in here? Do you mean to say "actually"?

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