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The History of Sexuality: An Introduction, Volume 1

Michel Foucault


Plot Overview

Summary and Analysis

Part One

Part Two, Chapter 1

Part Two, Chapter 2

Part Three

Part Three, cont'd

Part Four, Preface and Chapter 1

Part Four, Chapter 2

Part Four, Chapter 3

Part Four, Chapter 4

Part Five

Part Five, cont'd

Analytical Overview

Study Questions and Essay Topics


Suggestions for Further Reading


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The Repressive Hypothesis

by anon_2223156517, March 05, 2015

I have to say after reading Folcot and what he is referring to brought back memories to my childhood. When I was born it was in the mid 70's Vietnam was ending , protests were raging, drug use on the rise, and along with that came prostitution and exploitation.
President Nixon issued a speech with the famous quote "War on Drugs" and Nancy Reagan moved forward with a huge campaign for prohibition against drugs,sex, and Rock N Roll.
I was raised by a fairly young mother of 19 and a father 24 both born in the 50's and definitely had... Read more