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Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

Full-Book Quiz

1. Where is Socrates going when the Lysis opens?

2. Who is in love with Lysis?

3. Why does Ctessipus complain about Hippothales?

4. What mistake does Socrates accuse Hippothales of making?

5. Why does Socrates go into the celebration?

6. What are Lysis and his friends doing when Socrates arrives?

7. To what does Socrates attribute Lysis's "enslavement" to his parents?

8. Why is Hippothales in "great excitement and confusion" after Socrates's initial exchange with Lysis?

9. What does Socrates initially say about his knowledge of friendship?

10. What does Socrates say he prefers to any material possession?

11. With whom does Socrates have his first discussion about friendship in this dialogue?

12. How does Socrates begin after the first conclusion is deemed wrong?

13. How does Socrates describe philosophers?

14. What is Socrates's first proposition about likeness?

15. To whom does the saying "like loves like" not apply?

16. How does Socrates initially say he came up with the idea that the friend of the good is the neutral?

17. What is Socrates's primary example in arguing that the good is the friend of the neutral?

18. What role does evil initially play in Socrates's proposition that the good is the friend of the neutral?

19. Why does Socrates first dismiss the proposition that friendship is caused by the neutral loving the good?

20. What, besides "arguments," does Socrates say are "often predators"?

21. What specific desire does Socrates use to illustrate the point that desires are nether good nor bad?

22. What is Socrates last proposition for the cause of friendship?

23. Why does Socrates dismiss the thesis that friendship is caused by congenial natures?

24. Who finally breaks up the group discussion?

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