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by sister333, October 03, 2013

The summary of Apology states that the oracle said Socrates "was the wisest of all men". Yet this is untrue. It is correct in the summary and analysis of that part of Apology where this is found, but not in the overall summary. The oracle at Delphi replied that there was "no one wiser [than Socrates]". This is a big difference from "Socrates is the wisest of all men". Socrates interpreted this from what the oracle said, but this isn't what the oracle replied.


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by henkt, March 26, 2015

More than Plato his student Aristotle is THE source of western mind body dualism

Socrates' Genius

by icehatter, September 20, 2016

I believe that these four arguments are absolutely genius except for the fact that a philosopher would go to heaven and others would be wandering ghosts.

Heaven would need to have the opposite of Hell and the only way for heaven to stay perfect is for all of the souls that reside there is for them to also be perfect. (argument of opposites) Earth couldn't be the opposite of Heaven because heaven is completely perfect so it would need it's opposite that is completely imperfect. So one would have to be absolutely good while the other ... Read more


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