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Tractatus Logico-philosophicus

Ludwig Wittgenstein


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. What is the world the totality of?

2. What do all facts have in common?

3. Which of the following is NOT true of an object?

4. How do objects combine in states of affairs?

5. What do pictures and facts have in common?

6. In which field is Wittgenstein's main concern in introducing thoughts?

7. What element in reality to the names in propositions correspond to?

8. What problem is Russell's Theory of Types supposed to solve?

9. How does Wittgenstein conceive of the role of philosophy?

10. What is Wittgenstein's "fundamental idea" (4.0312) concerned with?

11. Which of the following is true of formal concepts?

12. Which of the following is the equivalent of "if p then q"?

13. Which of the following represents a tautology?

14. Which of the following is NOT asserted by the universalist conception of logic?

15. Which of the following is NOT considered a fundamental logical object by either Russell or Frege?

16. Which of the following is equivalent to "N(p,q)"?

17. Which of the following is equivalent to "there exists an x and that x is an f"?

18. The propositions of logic are…

19. Which of the following best defines Wittgenstein's conception of number?

20. The laws of nature are…

21. In Wittgenstein's metaphor of a mesh laid out over a colored surface (6.341), which of the following represents the laws of nature?

22. Which of the following kinds of propositions can we talk about?

23. Which of the following pairs does Wittgenstein consider to be equivalent?

24. At the end of the Tractatus, what does Wittgenstein compare his propositions to?

25. Which of the following had the least influence on Wittgenstein?

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