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John Stuart Mill


Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

Review Quiz

1. During which century did John Stuart Mill write Utilitarianism?

2. Which writer was a major proponent of the theory of utilitarianism?

3. Which of the following does Mill present as a potential criticism of utilitarianism?

4. Mill argues that justice is:

5. An example of an "internal sanction" would be

6. Mill notes that the foundational principles of science are as hotly debated as those of morality. However, he argues, the difference between the two debates is that:

7. Utility can be defined as:

8. Utilitarianism dictates that actions are morally good

9. In response to the criticism that the most virtuous people have been martyrs who gave up their happiness, Mill replies

10. Which of the following actions would Mill judge as morally the best?

11. In response to the criticism that there is not enough time to calculate which actions will produce the most good, Mill replies

12. In the debate over whether feelings of duty are innate or implanted, Mill argues that for the purposes of his theory

13. Mill argues that sentiments in favor of utilitarianism are natural because

14. Artificial sentiments are different from natural ones because

15. Mill replies to the objection that people see virtue as an end by saying

16. Mill objected to Jeremy Bentham's version of utilitarianism because

17. Mill leaves the ultimate proof of utilitarianism to the "thoughtful reader" because

18. If a person would have to lie in order to save somebody's life, Mill would argue that

19. Which of the following does Mill say is a common meaning of the term justice?

20. Mill defines perfect obligations as

21. Why are humans' instincts of self-defense different from those of animals?

22. Mill argues that the foundation of rights is

23. Mill finds justice's claims so pressing because of its link to

24. Which of the following does Mill describe as a conflict involving justice?

25. Mill argues that rights are secure because

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