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The Faerie Queene

Edmund Spenser

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Summary and Analysis

Book I, Cantos i & ii

Book I, Cantos iii, iv & v

Book I, Cantos vi, vii & viii

Book I, Cantos ix & x

Book I, Cantos xi & xii

Book III, Cantos i & ii

Book III, Cantos iii, iv & v

Book III, Cantos vi & vii

Book III, Cantos viii, ix

Book III, Cantos x, xi & xii

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The Faerie Queene is a religious allegory.

by touhidsm, May 09, 2014

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Answer: There is no matter of doubt that Spencer’s poem, The Faerie Queene, is replete with allegorical significance. Edmund Spenser stands among the greatest writers of the Elizabethan period whose valuable contributions fashioned a new tradition in English literature. Nowadays he is hailed to be one of the chief initiators of the Renaissance movement in English literature. Spenser's rich and ... Read more


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I kike the Question Answer