The Merchant of Venice

by: William Shakespeare

Act II, scenes i-iv

Mislike me not for my complexion,
The shadowed livery of the burnished sun,
To whom I am a neighbor and near bread. (II.i.)
It is a wise father that knows his own child. (II.ii.)
Truth will come to light, murder cannot be hid long—a man’s son may, but in the end, truth will out.” (II.ii.)
Alack, what heinous sin is it in me
To be ashamed to be my father’s child?
But though I am a daughter to his blood,
I am not to his manners. O Lorenzo,
If thou keep promise, I shall end this strife, Become a Christian and thy loving wife. (II.iii.)
I know the hand; in faith, ‘tis a fair hand,
And whiter than the paper it writ on
If the fair hand that writ. (II.iv.)
If e’er the Jew her father come to heaven,
It will be for his gentle daughter’s sake; (II.iv.)